The Vintage Wedding

I have known this bride since we were in elementary school, so when she came to me and asked if I could do her make up of course I said yes!

Her wedding was going to be vintage themed, so I knew I wanted to do a classic look. For her first trial run I used pink and gold eye shadow, and we loved how it turned out. For the next trial, I used brown and gold eye shadow with some cream shades, and we knew that that was the look for the wedding!

As always, I started with a clean and moisturized face. Moving from there, I applied Dr.Brandt Pores No More primer. While the primer soaked in, I started with the eyes. The reason I do eyes first is if I have fall out from the eye shadow (or mess up), I don’t have to re-do the foundation and powder.

The eye shadow  that I used for this wedding was Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. I used the shade virgin to set the eye primer and then applied naked to the outer crease, using that back-and-forth windshield wiper motion. After I blended those, I applied buck to the outer crease (over the top of naked). When those had been blended, I took tease and applied it to the inner lid and  packed sidecar to the middle of her lid.

When her eyes were complete I began applying makeup to the rest of her face. I took a damp beauty blender and used Nars foundation to her primed skin. After I dabbed the liquid all over her face and down her neck, I put concealer on her T-zone and blended it with the same beauty blender.

With a big fluffy brush I set her foundation with the setting powder by Fiona Stiles.(In regards to face makeup, I always use the same products). The bronzer by Benefit Cosmetics is my go-to. I love it because it has grey undertones that prevent your skin from getting that “muddy” look. When I applied the bride’s bronzer, I started at the tip of the high point of her ear and went down the hollow of the jaw bone. I stopped at the center of her eye and didn’t take it all the way down to her mouth, because I wanted it to look more natural. I then took my angled brush and blended the bronzer out by going with the line I created and also brushing it up with light strokes. I like the bronzer to blend into the blush, which I put on the apple of her cheeks. I used the Elizabeth Mott blush in the shade peach pink.  The highlighter I used was Mac Cosmetics in the tone soft and gentle. I love using this product for brides, (or anyone for that matter) because it is so beautiful and compliments the skin. I put the highlighter on the highest points on the apple of the cheeks.

I want to say congratulations on your wedding and wish you a life time of happiness!



PC: photos with Jess

Bouquet and flowers: my garden over floweth

Location: sno road winery

Valentine’s Day makeup look. 


Welcome back, my beautiful friends!

For this Valentine’s Day look, I wanted to use different shades of purple and plum. I will list all makeup products that I used, later on.

Starting with a clean face, I applied a moisturizer to my face and neck and let it soak in for a minute. Any moisturizer will work. I then applied Dr.Brandt Pores No More, and put it on my T-Zone. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the T-Zone, it is the oil-prone areas of the face comprised of the forehead, nose, and area around the mouth and chin. Adding a primer to these problem areas will help prevent your makeup from soaking into your skin.

After letting my primer sit for a minute or so, I go ahead and start on my foundation. I pump two to three drops on the back of my hand, then with my damp beauty blender I take the foundation and start to apply a small amount to my face, by working it all over in patting motions. This will help blend out your foundation making it look seamless. Using a concealer by Fiona Stiles Beauty, I take a flat brush (that resembles a paint brush) and put the concealer underneath my eyes in a triangle shape. Starting from the inner corner of my eye, I go down the side of my nose. From there I go up towards the outer part of my eye. This motion should look like a triangle. Then, I fill in with my concealer and begin taking my damp beauty blender and start blending it out. When you try this, make sure you go left to right, up and down and then do it in reverse order. This step takes a little time, so don’t get discouraged. This technique helps brighten the under-eyes, making them look awake and open. Once blended out, I take that same concealer brush with a little more product and put it in my T-Zone to help even out the brightness. Then I blend some more. *When in doubt, blend it out.* Now that we have these steps completed, it’s time to set your work. I use a Cover Girl powder. Using a big fluffy brush, apply powder with a light hand all over your face, remembering to take it down your neck to avoid makeup lines. This will help set all the liquid products and prevent them from running and getting smudged.

After these steps have been completed, there will be no more natural color to your skin. This is where blush, bronzer and highlighter come in to play. These products will help bring color back to your face.

Starting with bronzer:  take the handle of any brush, and stroke it from the tip of your ear, to the corner of you lips. You can also suck in your face like a fish which will expose the hollows of your face. This is where you will want to put your bronzer. Don’t take the bronzer all the way to your side of your lips, as you will want it to stop at the center of your eye. I know that’s confusing so I included a diagram below. With a little  bronzer on your brush you will start on either side of your forehead, close to the hair line. Don’t put it in the center of the forehead. Then of course: blend, blend, blend.

On to an easy technique: blush! Using your favorite shade (and your biggest smile), apply to the apple of your cheeks.

Highlighting is the next step that I take. Now you can choose to highlight or not, whichever you feel comfortable with. If you want to take on the task, you will use a fan brush, and start at your high points of you cheeks, blending it out to your temples. This will give you a glow. Some people put it down their noses and their forehead as well.  I don’t like to do that just because it makes me look like a hot oily mess, however I will put just a little bit on the tip of my nose for a little shine. Everyone’s skin is different, so do what works best for your skin type.

While looking at the above diagram, you will see that the dark brown is where bronzer is applied, and the white is where the highlighter is applied. In addition, the white that is on the face is where to apply  concealer before setting with the powder. Remember: bronzer always comes only after you have set your makeup with powder.This diagram will also work with cream-contouring and highlighting. I’ll save that technique for a different day.

On to the eyes: starting with an eye shadow primer, apply to your eyelids. This helps prevent the eye shadows from creasing and also makes them last longer. Once the primer is on, take a light shade of eye shadow and using a fluffy blending brush, put it all over the lid. You’ll want to make sure the color is applied all the way up to the brow bone. This will also help make the other colors blend easier. I used the Lorac Cosmetics Mega PRO 3 for this look.

To set my primer, I used base colors of pink cream and tan. I blended it all out, then with a small-define brush I took the shade pecan and put this in my crease. I blend all this together using a windshield wipers motion. Once all that is blended, I took that same brush and used the shade walnut, repeating the previous method. This time however when I had the shade where I wanted it, I used a bigger blending brush and worked it back and forth, blending it up towards the brow bone (but not all the way up). The dark color that I chose for this look was eggplant, and I used a medium-sized blending brush to apply it.  Starting at your lash line, apply the color up at an angle towards the crease. It will look like a half circle on the outer corner. Blend it out until there are no harsh lines. Once this step is done you will have that pink cream and tan left in the center of the lids. Taking a flat top eye shadow brush,I applied the rose quartz (which is a rose gold shimmer and AMAZING!) Pack that onto the center of your lids. Then use your fluffy brush that should be clear of product that you used for your darker color, to blend the eggplant into the rose quartz. This helps avoid harsh lines, making your work look seamless. Now fill in your brows, apply your mascara and you are ready to go! Or you can take it to the next step and add wing liner and some lashes to really put the look together.  Just remember to have fun! And it’s okay if you mess up, we all do. The great thing about makeup is that the end of the day it washes off!

Until next time, love you all! Have a great Valentine’s Day!!!


Items listed:

Primer: Dr. Brandt-pores no more

Foundation: wet n wild-Ivory

Concealer: Fiona Stile-01

Setting powder: Cover girl-light

Bronzer: Benefit cosmetics- Hoola

Blush: MAC Cosmetics

Highlighter: BH Cosmetics

Eyeshadow: Lorac Cosmetics

Eyeliner: wet n wild

Mascara: SmashBox Cosmetics

Lashes: Ardell lashes

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Lip colors: Colourpop and NYX cosmetics