The Vintage Wedding

I have known this bride since we were in elementary school, so when she came to me and asked if I could do her make up of course I said yes!

Her wedding was going to be vintage themed, so I knew I wanted to do a classic look. For her first trial run I used pink and gold eye shadow, and we loved how it turned out. For the next trial, I used brown and gold eye shadow with some cream shades, and we knew that that was the look for the wedding!

As always, I started with a clean and moisturized face. Moving from there, I applied Dr.Brandt Pores No More primer. While the primer soaked in, I started with the eyes. The reason I do eyes first is if I have fall out from the eye shadow (or mess up), I don’t have to re-do the foundation and powder.

The eye shadow  that I used for this wedding was Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. I used the shade virgin to set the eye primer and then applied naked to the outer crease, using that back-and-forth windshield wiper motion. After I blended those, I applied buck to the outer crease (over the top of naked). When those had been blended, I took tease and applied it to the inner lid and  packed sidecar to the middle of her lid.

When her eyes were complete I began applying makeup to the rest of her face. I took a damp beauty blender and used Nars foundation to her primed skin. After I dabbed the liquid all over her face and down her neck, I put concealer on her T-zone and blended it with the same beauty blender.

With a big fluffy brush I set her foundation with the setting powder by Fiona Stiles.(In regards to face makeup, I always use the same products). The bronzer by Benefit Cosmetics is my go-to. I love it because it has grey undertones that prevent your skin from getting that “muddy” look. When I applied the bride’s bronzer, I started at the tip of the high point of her ear and went down the hollow of the jaw bone. I stopped at the center of her eye and didn’t take it all the way down to her mouth, because I wanted it to look more natural. I then took my angled brush and blended the bronzer out by going with the line I created and also brushing it up with light strokes. I like the bronzer to blend into the blush, which I put on the apple of her cheeks. I used the Elizabeth Mott blush in the shade peach pink.  The highlighter I used was Mac Cosmetics in the tone soft and gentle. I love using this product for brides, (or anyone for that matter) because it is so beautiful and compliments the skin. I put the highlighter on the highest points on the apple of the cheeks.

I want to say congratulations on your wedding and wish you a life time of happiness!



PC: photos with Jess

Bouquet and flowers: my garden over floweth

Location: sno road winery

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