The Simple look

I have been trying to do live videos on Instagram on Monday’s or Wednesday’s.  This is a look I created. It’s a simple look. 

Products that I used to achieved this look. 

Primer: Stila Cosmetics 

Foundation: Fiona Stiles beauty in 01

Concealer: Mac Cosmetics in Nc15

Setting powder: Maybelline

Bronzer: Benefit Cosmetics in Hoola

Blush: Fiona Stiles Beauty

Highlight: Fiona Stiles Beauty 

Mascara: Tarte Cosmetics 

Eyeshadows: Urban Decay Cosmetics in naked basic palette 

Brows: Colourpop Cosmetics in honey blonde 

Lip color: I mixed two different ones together. Tarte Cosmetics in Rosé and Nyx Cosmetics in Vintage. 

   I had a ton of fun with the live video, I got to interact with people, answer questions, and sit there and talk about makeup! If you would like to join the Instagram family, go over and follow me, so you don’t miss out! 

Love always 

Dez ❤

Night Time Routine

Step 1. 

At night it is important to take off any makeup before bed. This will help keep skin healthy, and will help with break outs. This is important even if you don’t wear makeup.

Starting with my Clinique take the day off. This product starts off as a heavy cream, then once you apply it to a dry face in circular motions, it will turn into an oil, this helps to break down all the makeup or dirt from the day. When ready to wash away, I like taking a little bit of water and still work it in a little more. by doing this, it will turn into a milky substance. Then wash off.

What I love about this product is, that it doesn’t leave your face oily.

Step 2.

I take my Garnier skin active Micellar water, This helps to remove what could still be left over from the first step. Just put on a cotton pad and wipe over face and neck. The great thing about this product is, you don’t need to rinse it off, I take this with me when I go camping!

Step 3.

Using my Clinique clarifying lotion, I take a new cotton pad and apply this all over my face. This helps with even out your skin tone. This step also works with a toner. They both do the same thing. Clinique has a 3 step skin care, witch is a face wash, the clarifying lotion and an face cream.

Step 4.

Taking a serum or treatment, apply a minute after putting clarifying lotion or toner on,  or until it is completely dry. The serum has ingredients that your skin needs, so by using serums, it puts those ingredients back into your skin. I am using the Mint pear. I received this product in my Ipsy glam bag. I like how it works, but it leaves my skin a little sticky. That’s okay to me. I believe all serum’s leave that feeling. But I’m am not sure.

Step 5.

Last step but not least, onto  moisturizer! I love my Elizabeth Arden night cream! A little goes along ways. It’s important to put a moisturizer on Day and night.

A night cream is a lot heavier then a day cream, the reason is that our skin repairs itself while we sleep, Night creams generally formulated with ingredients that help nourish the skin for further repair.

When having a skin routine for the day and night. The secret is to start with the lightest Products to the heaviest.


1. Cleanser

2. Toner

3. Serum or treatment

4. Moisturizer

5. Sunscreen


1. Makeup wipe

2. Gentle cleanser

3. Toner or clarifying lotion

4. Serum or treatment

5. Night moisturizer

Most importantly..Love your skin!

Pop of color

     I wanted to do a look that had a pop of color to it, because at that time it was snowing and I hadn’t seen the sun in over a month. Everyone needs color on a glumly day! 
Products listed below

Face products: 

Primer: Dr.Brandt in Pores no more

foundation and concealer: Fiona Stiles beauty in 01 and 01/02 

Setting powder: Mac cosmetics

Bronzer: Benefit cosmetics in Hoola 

Blush: Elizabeth Mott in peach pink

Highlighter: Makeup geek cosmetics in shimma shimma 

Concealer under eyes: NARS in Vanilla


Eyeshadows: Morphe 35B 

Mascara:  Fiona Stiles beauty

Lashes: Ardell lashes in wispies 

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills in blonde

Lip color: Colourpop cosmetics in Bianca